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Cremations are fast becoming the goto choice and are a fraction of the price of traditional casket burials. You are not alone and our prices reflect that.

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We know what your family is going through so our friendly and experienced team will guide you with all the support that you’ll ever need.

Cremation Options in Denver

Cremation is when the lost one is cremated days immediately after death, without a funeral service. Direct cremation is the cheapest option. Families often hold less formal, gatherings or Memorials at a venue of their own choice to celebrate and remember the life of their loved one.

Choosing direct cremation can potentially save you thousands and gives you the freedom to hold a service in your own way and whenever you like.

A funeral service can be held prior to or after the cremation procedure. You may decide to hold the main funeral service, with the body of your lost one in a coffin, before the cremation process starts.

Others select to hold a memorial after the body is cremated. This can be a wonderful alternative for family members that call for even more funeral prep work time.

A memorial after cremation can be either a standard service with the cremated ashes existing in an urn as opposed to the common casket or a lot more casual memorial held as the remains are positioned or scattered in their final resting location.

We can aid you to prepare really personalised funeral which mirrors the personality and also the life of your beloved.

What exactly is cremation?

Maybe you’re asking precisely just how cremation works? If so, you’re not the just one. Many people are not familiar with the cremation treatment yet would love to consider this option to standard interment. Cremation is now the preferred choice in 2019 and if you select cremation for someone or perhaps on your own, you have plenty of options on how to remember a life.

From basic solution to full service, burial ground location and cremation memorial things such as fashionable urns, keepsake silver jewelry and containers, every little thing can be tailored to match your demands, family choices as well as economic situation.

Our caring Service specialists can walk you with every step of the cremation treatment, including the last appearance and preparation job of the deceased (which varies relying on spiritual requirements as well as the solution chosen), intending a unique funeral service or funeral that shows family members options, choosing an interment option and additionally choosing household keepsakes. We give cremation strategies to fit your needs, ideas, and last wishes that don’t hurt the bank.

Sierra Cremation’s objective is to provide your family members with utmost dignity, treatment and likewise empathy for your loved one while offering our services at a price that can be managed. With over 50 combined years of experience, we have seen a need to create a service to cater to the special needs of everyone.

Speak with Sierra Cremations

Our caring, family-focused group will completely keep an eye on the whole cremation procedure, operating carefully with family members to ensure the service runs efficiently. We can help you with preparing a memorial or funeral service as soon as a death qualification is given. To acquire a cremation you furthermore require to provide a legal affirmation.

We sincerely wish that you will give us the opportunity to serve every one of your funeral needs.


Sierra Packaged Up

Direct cremation occurs immediately after passing while the funeral service usually happens after cremation.

Everything you need comes with a Sierra cremation:

  • Presence of licensed Funeral Director
  • Assist by collecting loved one from place of rest
  • Registering the death and providing certificates
  • Grand and formal private cremation
  • Returning by collection person or via trackable mail

We guide you through the
process each step of the way

Direct cremation typically takes 2 weeks

Step 01


Contact our family care team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Step 02


We'll assist right away by collecting your loved one from their place of rest

Step 03


Part of the process includes registering the death for you and providing you with all the certificates

Step 04


Returning your loved ones is simple and quick via trackable mail. You may also collect in person if you wish

Our service area

We currently serve these areas:

  • Holly Hills
  • Genesee
  • Evergreen
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  • Castle Pines Village
Cremation Services for Families in Denver​